K-12 education
"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
                                                                                                                                                              Proverbs 22:6
Why Homeschool Our Children?



Why do we Homeschool our Children?

Parents have the responsibility to train up their children.

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. " Proverbs 22:6

   Proverbs 22:6 — From Matthew Henry's Whole Bible Commentary----

Here is,

1. A great duty enjoined, particularly to those that are the parents and instructors of children, in order to the propagating of wisdom, that it may not die with them: Train up children in that age of vanity, to keep them from the sins and snares of it, in that learning age, to prepare them for what they are designed for. Catechize them; initiate them; keep them under discipline. Train them as soldiers, who are taught to handle their arms, keep rank, and observe the word of command. Train them up, not in the way they would go (the bias of their corrupt hearts would draw them aside), but in the way they should go, the way in which, if you love them, you would have them go. Train up a child according as he is capable (as some take it), with a gentle hand, as nurses feed children, little and often, De 6:7.

2. A good reason for it, taken from the great advantage of this care and pains with children: When they grow up, when they grow old, it is to be hoped, they will not depart from it. Good impressions made upon them then will abide upon them all their days. Ordinarily the vessel retains the savour with which it was first seasoned. Many indeed have departed from the good way in which they were trained up; Solomon himself did so. But early training may be a means of their recovering themselves, as it is supposed Solomon did. At least the parents will have the comfort of having done their duty and used the means.

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A few reasons for Homeschooling

School environment:

  • Other children’s behaviors are emulated.
  • Peer pressure.
  • Gangs, drugs, fatal shootings in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Wisconsin.
  • Misconduct between teachers and students.


  • School Standards: Why are they graduating students that cannot read and even do grocery store math?
  • Ungodly subjects, humanism, socialistic teachings are taught to our children.
  • US test scores are lower than other countries. (1998) U.S. High School Seniors Rank Near Bottom. Washington Post Staff Writer: Rene Sanchez says, “American high school seniors have scored far below their peers from many other countries on a rigorous new international exam in math and science . . . their scores ranked close to last among the 21 nations that participated”. Washington Post
  • BRAVE NEW SCHOOLS, "Teacher fails girl for stand on 'gays' Students told not to discuss assignment about 'homosexual colony' with parents." Posted: October 7, 2006 on WorldNetDaily.com, (Windaroo Valley State High School).

Children learn better at their own pace:

  • School should be fun and learning should not be stressful and hard. Many students are easily be left behind in public schools. Some students are bored because the material is too easy.
  • Does the school system have personal training time, even when most of the class does’t understand?

Controlled environment to learn proper social skills:

  • What our children see is how they act. Manners, sharing, respecting others and their property are among the most important skills our children must develop.

Religious and Moral issues:

  • Ungodly truths are being taught.
  • 1945-1953 - radical social change achieved by wide spread "positivists" or secular humanists.
  • 1948 Bible classes disallowed on campus.
  • 1958- Earl Warren wrote, "The Constitutional Amendment must draw its meaning from the evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society."
  • 1961 Prayer disallowed.
  • 1962 Bible reading disallowed.
  • 1963 Ten Commandments disallowed.
  • 1985- School moment of silent time for prayer struck down, Wallace v. Jaffree.
  • 1992- School graduation prayer struck down, Lee v. Weisman.
  • 1994 At elementary and secondary levels, there is growing visability of programs that actually constitute the substitution of propaganda and subtle indoctrination for teaching.
  • 1996- Twenty six states have programs of Goals 2000, Humanistic, New World Order economics driven system.
  • 1996 ---National Standards for History advises retraining and screening of teachers to only accept those who can adapt their attitudes to fit the new standards. This means those who are for the traditional and true history would be systematically excluded.
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